A little about me

Brandon Helms is from Pittsburgh, where he grew up with his mother, father, and two brothers. He later moved to Chicago, where he went to law school and practiced as a lawyer. In 2014, he moved to Detroit and became an Assistant U.S. Attorney, prosecuting fraud and other white-collar crimes.

Though he’s written countless legal documents, he found this work to be somewhat constraining—fiction has allowed him to get in touch with his creative side. He is also an avid runner and exercises religiously. He, his wife, and their two children currently live in a suburb of Detroit. Not Today, Fred is his first novel.

Quotes from my books

Everyone daydreams, right? Some more than others. Sure, the subject matter usually isn’t so macabre, but the darkness of my imagination is not dispositive of a latent fatal flaw in my code.

James from Not Today, Fred

I was clearly not the life of the party, but did she think I was the guy who created Dungeons & Dragons quests by myself on Friday nights? Because there was no way she could know; I’ve never told anyone.

James from Not Today, Fred

Entropy is a strong argument in support of divine intervention. If the natural state of all things is to accelerate towards chaos, then why do we have planets, lifeforms, and love?

Evote from Duality

Let’s build something together.